Memorial Diamonds – Memories That Last Forever

  Traditionally seen as a symbol of love, marriage, luxury, and faithfulness, diamonds have been regarded over the centuries as the crystal that bonds relationships.  Diamonds have always been viewed as timeless stones that carry deep meaning and status no matter their history over time.  Even today, diamond jewelry has continued to evolve in engagement Read More

Celebrate summer with June’s beautiful birthstones: Pearls & Moonstones!

Staycationing or vacationing this summer? Either way, we are always excited to wear jewelry with pride and joy whether we are sipping mimosas with friends indoors or watching the sunset at the beach with a loved one. Most importantly, we are even more excited to wear the hottest gemstones for the month of June! Pearls, officially the Read More

Unconventional is the Thing with Mens Wedding Bands

It is wedding season, and we have been custom making our share of beautiful handmade men’s wedding bands. Like his bride, the contemporary groom wants a ring that will stand out from the rest.  Not every groom wants a standard, cookie-cutter traditional ring.  Many would love something interesting, understated, and unique to them. From organic Read More

Commitment Rings: Creating a New Tradition

Every person, every relationship, every couple is unique.  Their sentiments are no exception.   Contemporary couples have therefore begun to create new ways to express these sentiments.  One of these tokens is the commitment ring. Commitment ceremonies are a way for couples to break from tradition while confirming their love and commitment to each other.  Commitment rings Read More

Jewelry the Green Way

  In the past, the concept of being “style-conscious” meant being conscious of one’s own style, not necessarily being conscious as an individual or member of the human condition. But in a world where we are learning to make the most of the resources we’ve got, on a day-to-day basis, that individual and collective consciousness Read More

The Eco Modern Bride

In a new collective consciousness where being Eco-friendly is not only looked at as being responsible and ethical, but even stylish and hip, it only makes sense that the wedding industry would catch on. Contemporary weddings have often been thought of as being lavish, extravagant, and even excessive events.  This ideal has led modern brides to start seeking out Read More

Liza’s Personal Narrative

When I was a girl in Russia, my father, Alexander Stromberg, was a stone carver who specialized in Cameos. During the seventies Soviet Union communist regime, having an independent business was illegal, and my father’s workshop was on a large ledge of our kitchen window. His official job was being a violinist at the Moscow Read More