Steps to Choosing Your Engagement Ring to Pop the Question!

Let’s be honest: it’s that time in your life where you’re saying to yourself “I want to propose”. You’ve been talking about it with your partner for some time now. You both agreed on your life goals. The dreams you have for the future involve wedding guests, flowers, and a professional photographer.

Bounce back to the present moment; you realized it’s obvious. It’s time to propose.

Studies show that proposals carry more emotional weight than the wedding day itself. Trust us when we say “we understand” what your mind is going through when the thought of an engagement ring pops up in your mind. 

In this day and age, the options for engagement rings are endless. The traditional white diamond ring is no longer the staple (although for most people it is) and many people are opting for grey diamonds, heirloom diamonds, antique rings, emeralds, pear-shaped diamonds, etc. Even more so, custom engagement rings have gained popularity due to the nature of creating a ring designed to suit your partner’s style and budget.

Although the options appear overwhelming to the point where you’d rather crawl under your bed and hide, you must think of it this way: you have so many options to choose from it’s actually really easy to decide on the engagement ring you want.


“Easy?! How could it be easy with endless options? I don’t even know what band to choose!”

Before you bombard your mind with gold colors and diamond shapes, let’s start with the easiest question first: Who are you?

No, this isn’t an existential question. Who are you and who is your partner? Engagement rings are an investment and reflect the relationship you have with your loved one you want to marry. So the real questions are: 

What’s your style?

What does your partner like?

Does he/she/they wear jewelry? If so, what kind of jewelry?

Does your partner like diamonds? Or sapphires? Or even grey diamonds?

Do you have heirloom diamonds or jewelry?

What’s your budget (remember, you’re spending on a great quality ring to surprise your partner!)


Now that you have the basics on hand you’re on the right track! Before meeting with Liza Shtromberg to discuss how you want to design your custom engagement ring we highly encourage you to gather some images of rings that inspire you or your partner. Visit our website or type in keywords on Pinterest such as “gold engagement rings” or “diamond engagement rings” or “diamond rings” for an array of jewelry that catches your eye.


Great! You have gathered a handful of images and you’re ready to go! Contact us via e-mail ( or phone (323-913-1444) to schedule an appointment. Provide us as many details as you like (photos, budget, deadline, etc.). We ask for these details to assist Liza with executing the design process on a timely basis. 


You have arrived! At the appointment, you will meet with Liza to further discuss your ideas, inspiration, a love story (because we absolutely love to hear these details!), and more! The more details Liza has, the better! As a creative, Liza will be able to gain artistic inspiration to design the ring of your dreams.


Liza will provide you an estimated time for the production of your ring (customized engagement rings vary with production time). During the process, the LSJ Team will be available to answer any questions you have while your ring is being made. However, you can sit back and relax as the ring is being developed since it’s in good hands! Once the ring is complete, it will arrive at the store and you’ll be able to pick it up!


Shopping for engagement rings should not be stressful nor scary. And it’s our job to enjoy the process from beginning to end. This is the very start of your journey to marry your loved one and this chapter of your life should be as joyful as ever, from the start of the ring.

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