Client Stories

"I love being a neighborhood store, which is why I opened my storefront 23 years ago, near my own home in Los Feliz. Recently, Mary Ellen, a lovely neighbor who passes by daily with her dogs, came in wearing three stackable rings. She wanted to gift herself a new ring for her birthday and fell in love with the perfect match from our fine jewelrey collection. She wanted it customized a bit, and we expedited the process so she could wear it to celebrate. She was beyond delighted and so grateful! I believe that gifting yourself is an important expression of self love. Happy Birthday, Mary Ellen!"

Liza Shtromberg
Custom Jeweler



Chris came into the store very flustered. He was so excited to be proposing to his girlfriend and was told by her friend that she wanted a fairly traditional style that was available at a luxury brand, he just visited one of their stores and was shocked by the price. He had a fairly good budget and the ring there cost twice as much as he was prepared to spend.

He asked me what can be done and I explained that we tailor the project to our clients budgets and asked him to share the details of the criteria which were a platinum setting and a round white diamond. I assured him it was very possible to create what he wanted within his budget by selecting a diamond with criteria that would look amazing and affordable. 

I explained that I select the diamonds from a few sources based on what the client’s needs are which means I tailor the selection to fit the client’s needs and budget after explaining what the criteria are and help the client understand what best fits their needs.

Chris was excited and filled with hope! I was able to give him a quote for the setting, which he felt was reasonable and was happy to make a deposit. Within a couple of days, we met to review the selection of diamonds which were all within the budget he selected, and after he selected the one that he liked, we proceeded making the ring. His girlfriend was absolutely thrilled with the ring and they came in to order their wedding rings when it came closer to the wedding day.

After a few years Ashleigh, his wife, realized her taste had changed and she reached out to see if we could reset her diamond engagement and wedding ring in yellow gold and we were happy to help! We created new settings and used her diamonds and she was even able to trade-in the platinum metal for store credit towards the cost of her new setting. 

Since then, Ashleigh has returned to customize several jewelry pieces, and we are now her go-to-jeweler for her favorite pieces she wears all the time.

montana sapphire

Chris came to our store very focused and determined. He had an idea for a yellow gold ring with Montana Sapphire, a beautiful gemstone that ranges in color from teal to green and he also wanted it to be accented with round small diamonds. He made a sketch in an illustration program to share and we started connecting and chatting about all of the details. Luckily for Chris, I am an expert on gemstones and had an out of state source for the best quality and selection of Montana Sapphires in the country and was able to have a selection of stones shipped from which he picked his favorite one. We made an illustration for him to look at and he gave us his input which we incorporated and it was ready to make. When he picked up the ring, Chris got teary because the ring was perfectly what he had envisioned and more beautiful than he expected!

After a few weeks I emailed him a professional photo I had taken of his ring and asked if he proposed. I just caught him on their proposal trip and his fiance absolutely loved the ring. Chris said they will stop by to say hi when they return from their trip.

Maree's Pearl Flowers

Maree lives in Florida. She called  the store to find out the process of getting a pair of custom earrings made. Her wedding day was fast approaching and she only had 5 weeks left to figure it out.  She said she had shopped around, online and in her town but hadn’t quite found anything that called out to her.  This is when she found us and thought of the possibility of getting a custom pair of earrings for her special day. She told us what her wedding dress looked like. A white dress with a floral pattern. She wanted to add color by adding red, green, and blue. I told her that creating new things is what Liza loves the most so we started the process.  Liza had a few suggestions and suggested using garnet and jade. After a couple of drawings, using all those elements, she made beautiful drop earrings that also included a mother of pearl flower. We delivered in time although her wedding got moved due to a hurricane in Florida.



Nardeep walked into the store with a lot of questions about the process of getting a custom ring made. He told Evelyn about his girlfriend and said he was planning on proposing to but had not decided when. He knew he wanted to make a special ring and Evelyn started telling him about our process. He wanted to use a Sapphire as the center stone and Evelyn explained that Liza was an expert on colored stones, encouraged people to make non-traditional choices and had great resources for quality stones at reasonable prices. Evelyn also explained that Liza was going to select stones based on the Design and budget specifications that Nardeep could select from the one he liked the best.

They then looked at several designs and Nardeep started pointing out which design elements he was drawn to, and Evelyn noted all of his feedback.

Having just finished his first film, he was on a budget, and after understanding the steps in the process of creating a custom ring, he was excited to get started! Liza found a few beautiful Sapphires the following week and Nardeep stopped by and selected his favorite one. Liza and Nardeep started communicating about the details of the design, exchanging ideas and notes and after the design went through a few revisions and Nardeep felt it was perfect, Liza proceeded with making the ring. As a creative professional, Nardeep was thrilled with the outcome and loved the collaborative process where his vision came to life. 




Toosie called on a Saturday. We are open by appointment only on Saturdays and Evelyn brings our work cell phone with her, that’s dedication! 

We leave a note on the door on Fridays that reads “sorry we missed you, for assistance, please call… 

Tossi called in a panic and said they were desperately looking for earrings and a necklace. They  were having a traditional wedding and Tossi realized she didn’t have anything blue. They were getting married in a few days and had yet to find the perfect items



Ten minutes later, Evelyn opened the store for them and showed them the Delight and Different Shape collection in the cases, both elegant and delicate pieces, one with a variety of geometric shapes and the other with organic, hand-sculpted look.

Tossi saw Aquamarine from the Delight collection and she loved them!  Bought the earrings and necklace which were a beautiful addition to her wedding dress. 


They were so happy we were able to accommodate  them that I really believe we have a customer for life.


Melinda has been an LSJ client since the store opened in 2000. Many of our clients come back to buy meaningful gifts for their loved ones because they know we always make new designs made with special gems and always adding new techniques, it’s never boring or same old at LSJ. 

Melinda stopped by looking for a gift for her sister, she shared that her sister had been having a rough year and over the years, Melinda bought her several pieces from our store that her sister loves and she knew something from LSJ would brighten up her sister’s day!

Melinda wanted to get her something not only special but also unique and one of a kind.  After browsing the different cases filled with an array of treasures, she wanted to have a closer look at a few she felt her sister would love and her heart was set on a pair of Watermelon Tourmaline 14k Rose Gold earrings. The beautiful stones are almost unreal looking with their beautiful colors resembling a watermelon slice, with red/pink, black and ending with the color green, they were hard to resist. The added bonus is the meaning behind it which promotes deep spiritual and emotional healing! What a perfect gift!




Among my many projects spanning years, working on family heirloom stones holds a special place. I’m dedicated to resetting these stones, turning them into something meaningful. It’s a process close to my heart.

Kacey’s jewelry story is a touching one. After her mom’s passing, she inherited precious jewelry and wanted to turn the stones into something she could wear daily to remember her mother. She shared photos of her jewelry and pieces that inspired her, giving me a sense of her style. With those visuals, I created design ideas for her stones.
Through one-on-one chats, Kacey fell in love with a few original designs. Once she made her choice, I carefully matched the stones in terms of size and cut to their new settings. Some stones needed adjustments to bring out their best.

Today, Kacey has a fresh collection of family heirlooms, keeping her mom’s memory alive. The experience felt like a collaboration, where her input mattered. The end result was priceless. By working together in a comfortable and understanding environment, I transformed her mom’s jewelry into pieces she’ll always cherish.

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Carlos and Miroslava’s Ocean-Inspired Wedding Ring

The jewelry story of Carlos and Miroslava embarked on a journey from Tijuana, Mexico, searching for a unique wedding engagement ring inspired by the ocean’s beauty. They scoured Yelp for options, lining up visits to different stores in hopes of turning their dream into reality. Our exceptional craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail captured their attention and put an end to their search. They valued our commitment to understanding their specific desires.

Their vision was intricate, requiring a ring that encapsulated various ocean elements. The challenge was compounded by the fact that I was working remotely from Israel, creating a time difference hurdle for communication. Undeterred, I embraced the challenge.

Despite the distance, I worked tirelessly to meet their timeline. Crafting a design that incorporated all the oceanic elements they desired, I presented them with a concept that exceeded their expectations. The joy they felt upon seeing the ring was beyond measure. Their satisfaction led them to return a few weeks later, this time for their wedding bands. Their trust in me knew no bounds, despite the distance they had to travel.

The jewelry story of Carlos

Jivana and Ken

In the early stages of my journey, I had the privilege of assisting Jivana and Ken, a couple deeply entwined in their jewelry love story. Jivana’s environmental passion and Ken’s musical pursuits made their bond truly unique. Jivana’s affinity for sustainability and nontraditional aesthetics resonated with my craft.

Crafting an engagement ring for Jivana was a task of balance. Her desire for an opal center stone posed challenges due to its delicate nature. Meanwhile, Ken grappled with the idea of a simple ring that still symbolized his commitment.

Amid these considerations, I aimed to harmonize their aspirations. Proposing an ethically sourced Champagne diamond, we found a compromise that embraced sustainability and captivated their hearts. This fusion of values led to a ring that celebrated their individuality while commemorating their union.

jewelry love story of Jivana and Ken

Embracing Love in All Its Forms

Our jewelry brand, Liza Shtromberg Jewelry, thrives on inclusivity.
It’s a message that resonated deeply with Brandon and Matt, a couple seeking custom wedding bands.

Drawn to our commitment to embracing all forms of love, they found solace in our warm reception.
Their journey led them to a range of nontraditional, handcrafted wedding bands that spoke to their hearts.

As a symbol of their commitment, they found rings mirrored their love’s uniqueness.

Sam’s Last-Minute Proposal

Amidst the hustle of closing time, Sam walked in with a sense of urgency. He was about to embark on a journey and saw it as the perfect opportunity to propose. A modest budget and the need for something unique fueled his quest.

Understanding his predicament, I assured Sam that our collection encompassed various styles and budgets. We delved into his partner’s qualities, crafting a ring that mirrored their unique connection. His quest culminated in a selection from the “Re-treasured Gems” collection, showcasing recycled stones and metals.

Sam’s gratitude for finding us echoed his sentiment that our pieces offered unparalleled uniqueness and beauty, capturing the essence of his intent.

RemembEring Minavieve

Marietta’s journey was one of emotion and remembrance.
A chance encounter led her to our moonstone case, sparking a conversation about her daughter, Minavieve. Marietta had tragically lost her newborn daughter, and the moonstone held deep significance as her birthstone.

Seeking solace, she had attempted a custom ring with another designer but found the experience traumatic.

I assured her that her journey with us would be different.
The result was a bespoke moonstone ring that honored Minavieve’s memory and brought comfort to Marietta’s heart.