New Arrivals in our Western Wall Collection!

The Western Wall Collection has touched many hearts worldwide…

And we know this holiday season you want to be the best gift-giver that you can be! Check out our newest Sterling Silver Necklaces to the Western Wall Collection that we know you and your loved ones will enjoy wearing!

The Evil Eye

The Evil Eye is one of the world’s most widely recognized symbols.
Did you know that the Evil Eye has been recorded by the Mesopotamians 5,000 years ago?! That’s right! Humans have been warding off evil forces by wearing this symbol to protect themselves from “the look”.
The Evil Eye is used by almost every religion and culture in the world!
The Hamsa Hand
Like the Evil Eye, the Hamsa Hand is also one of the most recognizable symbols in the world!
Originally, it was worn (and still is) to ward off evil. But over time as our world changed the meaning of the Hamsa symbol has evolved to our desire for positivity and safety from evil.
Although it originated from the Middle East this symbol is used by almost all major faiths and cultures from all over the world from Eastern culture to Western culture and from Judaism to Buddhism.

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life symbolizes interconnectedness. This universal symbol appears grounded, calm, and inspiring.
The Tree of Life is notably represented with branches and leaves reaching outward within a circle. In life, all trees appear the same but upon a closer look, no two trees are the same.
This symbol is a reminder of our individuality, our connection with the world, and the cycles of growth during hard times in our lives.


Last but not least, similar to the Tree of Life, we have the Sefirot.
The Sefirot is a series of attributes that makes up “oneness” – just as we as humans are made up of many attributes to create who we are as individuals!
This wonderful Sefirot Dog Tag necklace is a reminder of everything that creates life itself.
There are 10 sefirot (some have even called this figure the “Tree of Life”).
They are:
Keter (Crown)
Hokhmah (Wisdom)
Binah (Understanding)
Hesed (Love/Kindness)
Gevurah (Might) or Din (Judgment)
Tiferet (Beauty)
Hod (Splendor)
Netzah (Victory)
Yesod (Foundation)
Malkhut (Sovereignty) or Shekhinah (the Divine Presence)
Each represents a significant characteristic that identifies the wholeness of life.
We know these sterling silver necklaces have the potential to be wrapped in a gift box for your loved one.  If you love these necklaces as much as we do contact one of our LSJ specialists to start your holiday shopping!
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