Unconventional is the Thing with Mens Wedding Bands

It is wedding season, and we have been custom making our share of beautiful handmade men’s wedding bands.

Like his bride, the contemporary groom wants a ring that will stand out from the rest.  Not every groom wants a standard, cookie-cutter traditional ring.  Many would love something interesting, understated, and unique to them.

From organic to hammered, sculpted to refined, the new men’s wedding band is more than just an average ring.  When a ring is custom designed and made for a groom, it has a special and intimate quality that is truly invaluable.

Even more special is the new option of having a ring made in recycled metal.  It is a more eco-conscious and ethical way to have a beautiful piece of fine jewelry, and the look of the ring is not affected at all.


For all of these reasons and so many more, it only makes sense that men are opting for custom and handmade rings over the traditional.

After all, not only is your wedding band a reflection and symbol of your everlasting love, it is itself also everlasting.

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