Commitment Rings: Creating a New Tradition

Every person, every relationship, every couple is unique.  Their sentiments are no exception.   Contemporary couples have therefore begun to create new ways to express these sentiments.  One of these tokens is the commitment ring.

Commitment ceremonies are a way for couples to break from tradition while confirming their love and commitment to each other.  Commitment rings or bands are used to signify this commitment.

They have become a new staple for same-sex couples to use in these ceremonies, and are a way for other couples not yet ready to wed to let each other know they are dedicated to the success of their relationship.

Ultimately, commitment rings are just that.  They are a way to show your commitment and dedication to a relationship, a symbol of love, friendship, affection, and a desire to grow together.  They are not necessarily engagement rings, but a way for two people to show each other they care, and to possibly break some old traditions in order to create some new ones.

At Liza Shtromberg Jewelry, we offer a wide variety of choices in bands to choose from, perfect for promise or commitment rings.  From Silver or Gold bands to rings with stone settings, we can help a couple choose the perfect rings to signify their commitment.

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