Our First Featured Bride!

With all of the wedding and bridal jewelry we do at Liza Shtromberg Jewelry, it only seemed appropriate to return some of the love to our brides.

Every time we have the immense pleasure of contributing to a certain special couple’s, and in particular, the bride’s wedding experience, we will be featuring her as a bride on our blog.

Now, every couple we work with at LS is special.  But in the case of Dikla Marshall, we felt particularly blessed.

We custom-designed and hand-made all of Dikla’s wedding jewelry, from her engagement ring to the couple’s bands, to her bridal jewelry and bridesmaid gift.

Dikla is not only great beauty, but a truly lovely person, and it was a pleasure to work with her every step of the way.



We thank Dikla Marshall for making her our very special first Liza Shtromberg Jewelry featured bride.

(Photo credits: Joy Osmanski)



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