INITIALS: Our Newest Collection

Personalization is definitely not a new trend with jewelry, but it has seen a recent resurgence.

Necklaces, charms, earrings, bracelets, and even rings with such customization when imprinted with the names or initials of loved ones, a monogram initial as a thoughtful gift, or a heartfelt gesture.

When imprinted with one’s own name or initials, it is a stylish yet understated demonstration of individuality.

At Liza Shtromberg Jewelry, we are contributing to this ideal with our newest collection, Initials.




We are offering custom, handmade, stamping of charms in an assortment of styles.

In addition to custom letter stamping, we offer necklaces and earrings with an array of birthstones.  They can either be wire-wrapped alongside the charm or set within the charm itself.






What better way to express thoughtfulness and personalization in a gift, to your loved ones or yourself, than having your jewelry customized with your own name?

Please feel free to visit the design studio or online to see the countless options offered with our custom, handmade, Initials Collection.

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