Peridot Properties and the Spiritual Meaning

peridot stone spiritual meaning

Peridot is a truly remarkable stone. It’s known to have less popularity compared to sapphires and rubies. However, it has such amazing properties that it’s a wonder why Peridot isn’t highly valued in the limelight like other gemstones.

What’s even more fascinating is that Peridot is formed in molten rock of the upper mantle and brought to the surface from earthquakes and volcanoes just like diamonds! Traces of Peridot have been found in rare meteorites and cosmic dust brought back from Stardust in 2006. It would be a total loss if we didn’t say Peridot carries healing power from out of this world! (Bah Dum Tss.)

So what makes Peridot so special aside from its various olive green hues? It’s a crystal that is mentally stimulating, evokes inner radiance, raises inner awareness, and helps one to recognize their destiny and spiritual purpose.

Yes, that was a mouthful! Let’s break it down for you:

5 Fascinating Facts about the spiritual meaning of peridot stone


      1. Letting go of egocentric behaviors – Jealousy, resentment, and bitterness affects our emotional wellness and can muddle our sight. The twinkling green gemstone cleanses all of those negative emotions.
      2. The Study Stone – speaking of muddling our sight, Peridot invites the mind to stay focused. When you sit down to work on a task and a million thoughts start rushing in, a Peridot necklace can be the perfect companion to give you the energy on getting the job done.
      3. Building relationships – speaking of Peridot Necklaces, the stone is connected to the heart chakra. An open heart chakra allows you to build better and loving relationships instead of blocking them with negative thoughts.
      4. Wearing Peridot – Direct skin-on-stone contact infuses the soul of the wearer with the healing properties of Peridot. The vibration of the stone brings positive intention to the wearer and, of course, the green hue looks fabulous with a summer dress!
      5. August Birthstone – at the height of the summer Peridot reflects the warm nights and bright days with its green hue (can’t you tell we’re fans of its color?!). August-borns are full of passion with hasty fiery characteristics as they love to lead the room. Peridots help those by simply trusting to let go with love and nurture.

Final thoughts: Of course, you don’t need to be an August baby in order to wear Peridot. Gold rings and earrings with Peridot are for anyone who feels the stone calling to them. Or, if you’re a fan of the color green it’s a great addition to your jewelry collection. 

What are your thoughts on Peridot? Do you have Peridot jewelry? Do you feel it calling to you?  Share your thoughts on Peridot with us!

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