Returning Home with Treasures from Thailand and India

Liza had a wonderfully active trip in India, scouring the country for the most brilliant gems and jaw-dropping diamonds to bring home to you!   Loose rose-cut diamonds in white, champagne and chocolate would look incredible in an LS Delight ring setting, while a large mesmerizing Labradorite would make an incredible custom pendant!

Come in today to see the beautiful assortment of treasures ranging from Rubies to London Blue Topaz to hand-carved Jade!

Citrine, Lemon Quartz, Ruby, Smokey Quartz, and London Blue Topaz
Amazing Pieces of Labradorite
Carved Jade- flowers, Ganesha, Buddha, and a dragon * ALSO IN CARVED RUBY *
Champagne and Chocolate Rose Cut Diamonds! AND MUCH MORE!

We are anxious to see these gems in the fabulous LS designs.

Put in your custom order before they are set into action here at LS!

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