October’s Opals!

Peruvian Opal Jewelry

Liza Shtromberg Jewelry is proudly displaying October birthstones, particularly the vivacious opals.  Each opal is authentically unique (like you!), more so than any other gemstone.  Various folk tales surround the magical opal.  Most cultures view the stone as very lucky, and some say the opal should be worn around the face to help bring inner beauty to the surface.   A wide selection of opal jewelry can be found at Liza Shtromberg’s jewelry studio in Los Feliz, where the two featured opals are the blue Peruvian Opal, and the Mexican Fire Opal.

The Peruvian Opal is found high in the Andes Mountains and is the national stone of Peru.  This opal is a beautiful calming blue-green color, similar to tropical water.  Some energetic properties of this stone are that it can help bring confidence in communication, enhance visioning and psychic abilities, as well as treat fatigue.




Mexican Fire Opal is usually a spicy colored red-orange, though it can range from the color of translucent milk to a deep auburn.   It was called the “stone of the bird of paradise” in the Mayan culture.  This is the national stone of Mexico and is found in the highlands amongst ancient volcanoes.  These stones are known to be chosen by their wearer to further work on aspects of themselves and help bring clarity to their intuition.  This stone stimulates circulation and therefore removes blockages.  It is a stone that assists in endeavors and helps one to move forward, positively, from the past.

Mexican Fire Opal Jewelry

Come in to see the selection of Peruvian Opal rings, necklaces, and earrings, available in sterling silver as well as white, rose, and yellow gold settings. You can even look through the range of Mexican Fire Opals that can be made into customized pieces; a fire opal pendant, a gold or silver opal ring, customized opal earrings, or even opal engagement rings.

The studio is located at 1953 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, where stunning opal jewelry awaits you!  Visit the website:  www.lizashtromberg.com

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